Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking form Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models of on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. Try these samples to make sure they'll work on your device: MP4, WMV and Mobile MP4.
Halloween Spanking
New girl Madison Swan is supposed to do whatever Yasmine Sinclair asks her to as they get ready for the Halloween party. But Madison flashes a very sassy attitude and will not help with anything. She quickly learns what happens to defiant ladies as she ends up over the knee of Yasmine receiving a sound spanking.
Madam Snow Punishes Iris In Dungeon
Iris has been skimming 34 dollars off each client. But Madam Snow catches her and then punishes Iris in the dungeon. She bends Iris over and spanks her hard with her hand and a leather strap. Then she has Iris count out 34 hard swats the a large wooden paddle. Iris learns her lesson and will never skim again!
Mikayla Spanks Stevie
The tall, powerful beauty Mikayla Miles storms into the room with Stevie Rose, posing as a new call girl. She demands to see Elori. Stevie has attitude and will not help her. So Mikayla uses a sound hairbrush spanking to help motivate Stevie to reveal where Elori is. It is a painful one.
Kayla Paige Gets Pain and Pleasure
Kayla Paige enjoys being spanked and gets it from Double Dan. It is definitely painful for her, but she also experiences pleasure. First she strips naked and spins around before ending over his knee for the spanking. She ends up sitting on his lap. A sexy spanking.
Yasmine Fails Training
Cheyenne Jewel attempts to teach new girl Yasmine Sinclair how to be a proper call girl. But Yasmine cannot get the sexy walk down and uses silly voices. So Cheyenne shows Yasmine how discipline is administered in the cat house. She puts her over her knee for a sound spanking until the lesson becomes clearer.
Carmen Spanked In Pool
New girl Carmen was supposed to invite the clients over for a big money pool party today. But she made the mistake of inviting them on the wrong day. Dria is furious. She puts Carmen over her knee right in the pool and gives her a painful wet bottom spanking. Carmen is left rubbing her sore, wet bottom.
Kayla and Sandy Spanked By Dad
In this remastered classic that was only ever released on DVD, young Kayla Paige and Sandy are trying to make some money on the street when the Dad of Sandy catches them. He spanks each girl separately, then both over his lap at the same time. His big hand makes their bottoms bright red and sore.
Apricot Spanks Gigi For Tattling
Apricot Pitts got spanked from Stevie for stealing her client. It was Gigi Lea who ratted her out. So now Apricot gets a little payback by putting Gigi over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and a leather paddle. Gigi learns a painful lesson on her curvy bottom and cannot sit for days.
Apricot Spanked For Stealing Client
Apricot Pitts took a client who was a regular with Stevie Rose. When one of the other call girls tells Stevie about it, she marches into the living room and confronts Apricot. She teaches Apricot a lesson with a sound spanking over her knee that includes the use of the hairbrush.
Lana Disciplines Miranda With the Cane REMASTERED
We remastered this great scene that stars Lana Miller and Sophia Locke as Miranda. Lana really likes a girl with lily white skin and some curves and boy did Sophia fit the bill. She took a hard caning and broke the cane, but the two ladies were very turned on by the heavy play.
Coco Lovelock Spanked Hard By Madam
Madam Clare discovered that it was Coco Lovelock who ratted Clare out to her niece Veronica on a call that got Clare spanked. So Clare shows the young Coco what happens to tattletales. They get spanked to tears over the knee hard by the madam. The super cute Coco takes a sound one in her first ever spanking scene.
Clare Spanked By Her Niece
Madam Clare Fonda has been partying too hard so she asks her niece Veronica Ricci to help her maintain some discipline. She asks to be spanked every time she parties too hard. So Veronica starts right now, putting her aunt over her knee for a long, painful spanking, leaving Clare with a sore, red bottom.
Aalya and Alice Spank Each Other REMASTERED
This classic only appeared in the archives of this site but now has been remastered for those who enjoy seeing anal temperature and moderate spanking. Alice Wonder is becoming a nurse and practices her temperature taking on Aalya Jolie, which leads to the two ladies spanking each other.
Chrissy Marie Punished By Boss Day 3
Chrissy Marie has one more bad day on the job. When she messes up her workload again, Mr. Smith has her bend over and accept the cane. This time, he has her strip and canes her bare bottom before he puts her over his knee for a painful spanking on her caned bottom. Hard lesson learned.
Nikki Sweet Spanked For Bad Attitude
Madame Clare Fonda will not tolerate a bad attitude from one of her girls. When Nikki Sweet does poorly on a certain job and then acts dismissive when lectures, Nikkii quickly finds herself over the knee receiving a painful spanking. The perky white bottom quickly turns a deep shade of red.


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