Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking form Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models of on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. Try these samples to make sure they'll work on your device: MP4, WMV and Mobile MP4.
Madam Clare Spanks Lola
New girl Lola Belle is getting a lot of complaints because she is always on her phone even when she sees clients. So when Clare comes to lecture her about it, Lola is of course on her phone. She gets a spanking from the Madam, but even uses her phone then, so Clare uses her phone to spank her.
REMASTERED: Kara Spanks Sandy
The new higher quality files for this scene replace the older RM format clips that did not include a full scene file. It is a great story in which Kara gives out her first spanking, to her young cousin Sandy, who is very bratty, has a nice bubble butt and definitely deserves a spanking.
Accountant Spanks Madam Clare
Madam Clare Fonda has been running a scam and Ashley Lane was getting blamed and spanked for it. Chad is the cat house accountant and also of friend to Ashley and he is holding Clare accountable. As punishment for what she did, Clare ends up over his knee for a very painful spanking with hand and hairbrush.
Apricot Spanks Ashley Lane
Apricot Pitts is getting hassled by Madam Clare for not paying her cut of the sessions. But Apricot is convince it is Ashley Lane who is behind all this. Ashley protests because she was already spanked by Double Dan for this issue. But Apricot still spanks her on her already sore bottom.
Sarah Spanked For Sleeping In
Sarah Gregory slept through at least one session and Madam Clare Fonda wants to nip this problem in the bud. Or the butt. She wakes Sarah up with a sound spanking over her knee on the bed, using her hand and a hairbrush. She brought real tears to Sarah as she cried during this spanking.
REMASTERED The Cigarette Incident
A remastered scene from the original Kara Prepare Yourself site includes Kara getting spanked by her Aunt Gwen when she is caught smoking in the bathroom. The cigarette also gets place up her bottom to humiliate her. Then Kara is spanked by her father when he gets home from work.
Ashley Lane Spanked For Missing Cut
According to Madam Clare, Ashley Lane has not been paying her cut for each client she sees. So big Double Dan is sent to get to the bottom of matters. He puts Ashley over his knee and spanks her hard to get her to confess. But she claims she has paid her cut and that Clare is mistaken.
Mistress Gloria Spanks Kaylee in the Kitchen
Kaylee was hired by Mistress Gloria to tend to the needs of the cat house. But when Kaylee passes off chips as a meal and uses bad terms to describe the call girls, Mistress Gloria pulls a chair into the kitchen and gives Kaylee a firm spanking, using the wheelbarrow position. Kaylee has trouble sitting after this spanking.
Madam Clare Spanks Elori
Elori Stix was the one who got Clare Fonda in trouble and spanked by Blair Williams. Even though Double Dan and Blare both spanked Elori, Madam Clare decides she needs to punish that already sore and spanked bottom. Clare puts Elori over her knee for a very painful spanking.
Sailor Spanked For Stealing
When Sailor Luna gets caught rifling through the wallet belonging to Double Dan, she quickly finds herself of the lap of the big guy, receiving a very painful hand spanking that teaches her a valuable lesson and turns her bottom bright red. She will be sitting gingerly for quite some time.
REMASTERED Spanked After Swimming
In this classic scene that is remastered in higher resolution from the archive section, Kara spanks Paris Kennedy in her bikini for her idea to skip church. But when Aunt Gwen (played by Clare Fonda) walks in, she spanks Kara then gives Paris a good mouth soaping.
Blair Williams Spanks Madam Clare
When Madam Clare Fonda discovers that she wrongfully spanked Blair Williams, she says that she is sorry, but that is not enough. Blair puts the madam over her knee in the kitchen for a painful spanking that includes wooden spatula. It leaves Clare with a red bottom and extra angry at Elori for initiating this.
Evil Elf Spanks Elf Dria
Evil Elf Sailor Luna was spanked by Elf Dria (in a scene on Girl Spanks Girl). It was based on a phone call from a client, but Dria was lying. So now the only way their date can still happen is for Sailor to spank Dria on her beautiful bouncy bottom. Sailor gladly delivers a long hard spanking.
Blair Spanks Elori Long and Hard
Blair Williams was spanked by Madam Clare and it was all the fault of Elori Stix, who admitted as much after Double Dan spanked her. Now Blair is looking for some payback. Blair puts Elori over her knee for a long and very painful spanking and paddling on her already sore bottom.
Elori Stix Spanked Hard
Elori Stix framed Blair Williams, who then got spanked by Madam Clare Fonda. When Double Dan figures it out, he gives Elori a hard spanking and even has Elori call Clare while he is spanking her. Her curvy bottom gets bright red and she whales and whines but gets what she deserves.


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